Grandparents’ Canadian Vital Records

Almost done with the grandparents’ documents…I just have two more categories.

Death Certificates (Quebec)

Having to repeatedly see my grandparents’ death certificates is a bit difficult (even more so for my mum and uncle). 😦 But such is life. You will inevitably be reminded of many things, pleasant and unpleasant alike, when sifting through mountains of your family’s personal documents.

My uncle had an extra copy of Nonna’s death certificate, which he gave to me. He gave me an unofficial copy of Nonno’s death certificate, which is fine. I am applying through my grandmother, so a photocopy of my grandfather’s certificate is enough.

Side note: if a death is already registered in Italy, you do not need to provide official documentation supporting it. You can tell by looking at the Italian birth certificate – it will be listed under notes. (Ask your consulate anyway just to be safe.)

Marriage certificate (Quebec)

I haven’t ordered this yet. Oh well, NEXT….


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