Welcome to my blog! My goal is to document the steps I am going through to acquire Italian citizenship via jure sanguinis – i.e. through your bloodline. I am 100% Italian, and I happen to be eligible through both of my maternal grandparents. My nonna & nonno were born near Teramo, Italy, a town near the Adriatic Sea. They left Italy in the 1950’s and went to Canada.

What makes this blog a little different than other, similar blogs is that I was born/currently live in Canada, but I have documents coming from Canada (Ontario & Quebec), Italy, and the United States. This makes this process a bit more challenging, but it is still manageable. I have to collect the same number of documents as someone whose family moved to one country and stayed there. I just have to request them from different authorities, and sometimes the procedure is slightly different. Stay tuned and I will describe all the glories of multinational (and multi-provincial) document-hunting.

If you are just starting your own quest, you can view the Reference tab for an example list of required documents. Check with your region’s consulate for specific requirements.

P.S. My appointment is in mid-March. The countdown is ON!


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