My documents

Finally, the easiest part! …sort of. I have my passport, birth certificate (which I will have to reorder; same reason as above), driver’s licence, proof of address, and anything else they want to look at. Only a couple of documents in this category require effort:

Marriage certificate & licence (USA)

The only unfortunate part about this is because my state uses two separate documents (the licence and the certificate), I need to produce them both. Actually I suspect this is pretty standard as far as the States goes. I acquired my two documents from the county easily, and have sent them to [my state’s] Secretary of State for apostille. Actually, most of the credit for this goes to my mum. 🙂

Husband’s birth certificate (China)

I only needed a photocopy of this (which I already had). This is fantastic, since his birth certificate is 4 pages long and half Mandarin/half English. I would NOT want to have to get that translated again.


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