Parents’ Vital Records – Canada

My parents were both born in Quebec. They got married in Quebec, and later moved to the U.S. and got divorced. But this does not really complicate the process. After getting the grandparents’ documents sorted, this will be a breeze.

Birth certificates (Quebec)

Super easy. Both can be ordered straight from the Directeur de l’etat civil (English equivalent = registrar?). In fact, if my father had a birth certificate lying around, I could submit a photocopy of it. They even accept photocopies of the wallet-sized version (which I did even not know existed; is that useful??).

Attempt #1

*sigh* I screwed up. The consulate specifically asked for the “Copie d’acte de naissance” (Copy of an act of birth). The problem is that in English, the website asks for the “Long form” of all official birth certificates. This is the most you can get from other provinces (including Ontario), so I understand. But I got confused and ordered the long form instead of the copie d’acte. I had it certified too.  Oh well, mistakes happen. This will be easy to rectify.

Marriage certificate (Quebec)

I haven’t ordered this yet. But it’ll be a boring process (yay).


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