Grandparents’ Italian Passports

I can’t believe I forgot about these — they’re two of the most important documents I have!! I got very lucky. My uncle had both Nonna & Nonno’s original passports from Italy in his possession, and right away he sent me a photocopy. The passports prove that my grandparents were Italian citizens when they arrived in Canada. They also have a stamp from Canadian immigration showing the date of landing, which I think is also helpful.

Original passports from 1953/54…wow!

I still needed to show either the original passports or certified copies to the consulate where I was applying. The passports were in Quebec, and I did not want to bring them back to Toronto and risk losing/damaging them. So I brought them to the consulate in Montreal and had the photocopies certified (with about 5 different stamps and signatures — very official 🙂 )


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