Quebec Documents – general comments

I finally sent away for my remaining Quebec documents last week. If you are a Quebec resident, you can order vital records online via DEClic!. The benefit is that they are much cheaper! (for a copie d’acte, $37 ordered online vs. $52 through mail) Unfortunately, I am not a Quebec resident. I asked the appropriate official parties, and there is apparently no way they are willing to let you use the online system if you do not pay taxes through Revenue Quebec. Oh well.

The good news though is that they are surprisingly fast. The website lists a 10 day processing time (for regular, non-expedited requests). I Xpresspost-ed my request package late last week, so it should have arrived in their office on Monday; by Wednesday, they had already charged my credit card. (No idea if they’ve retrieved the documents yet, but taking my money is a good start.)

02/05 UPDATE: I have been denied! When ordering other people’s documents, Quebec asks that you justify your interest with a legal document. There is no applicable legal document for the jure sanguinis process, so last time I sent in a list of requirements off the consulate’s website — which worked. This time, it did not work. I don’t exactly understand why, so I’ll chalk it up to individual differences in the staff (or maybe I was making too many requests at once?).

To salvage the operation, I got my mum to make the request for her own birth & marriage certificates and my grandparents’ marriage certificate. According to the website, she is legally entitled to these documents without justification. Fingers crossed for better luck this time.

02/10 UPDATE: I received my grandparents’ marriage certificate. Many typos… requesting corrections. Very not impressed.

At least they’re not as bad as this mistake.

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