Today I got my marriage certificate & licence back from the Secretary of State — along with two very official-looking apostilles attached! This is one more step I can cross off completely.

The process of obtaining the apostilles was very simple (and quite fast). I searched “apostille + [my state]” and found all the information I needed. I sent a simple letter to my state’s Secretary of State requesting apostille for the two enclosed documents, plus a cheque. The apostilles were issued within a week of mailing the request (from within the state; probably would have been about two weeks if I’d mailed the request from Toronto). Not bad.

Those embossed seals…so shiny.

I also got one Quebec document in the mail (my own birth certificate). I am not really sure why the consulate needs the Copie d’acte — it’s the same information, just….spread out on a page.


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