Translations & Certifications – Part 2

I just wanted to add a few more notes about this process. For the translations, I ended up contacting two translators – one in Toronto for English documents, and one in Montreal for French documents. The English translations (and originals) are being sent to Chicago, as I described in my previous post. The French translations (and originals) were brought to the Montreal consulate for legalization/certification.

Here’s a cost breakdown:

  • English translations: Marriage licence & marriage certificate – $125
(these were only 1 page each, but filled with tons of boilerplate fine print)
  • French translations: 2 birth certs, 2 marriage certs, 1 death cert – $95
(these were 1 page each, most fields empty)
  • Legalization* @ Montreal: ~$230
*legalization of original documents and certification of translations
  • Certification of translations @ Chicago: $32 USD (plus many stamps)

In terms of process, the English translations were easy. I just had to travel a few neighbourhoods to go pick them up. For the Montreal documents, I had to coordinate carefully. In the end, it worked out very well – I arrived by train on a Thursday, picked up the translations, and then on Friday morning headed to the consulate. The certification process took about 30 minutes total (including the wait). I worried about coordinating this final step for weeks, but it turned out to be incredibly easy and painless.


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