Final Submission (for real)

Today was an important day — I officially submitted all of my paperwork. My application is being processed! I can’t wait to be officially recognized as a citizen 1 year from now!! (hopefully I didn’t just jinx it)

But wait, let’s back up. My last post was about getting my stamped documents back from Chicago. I believe this was a completely unnecessary, totally time-wasting step. But it’s okay!

I went back to the consulate with these papers, and they told me two things:

  1. “You didn’t need these stamps…why did you get them?” (because you insisted last time….)*
  2. “Your marriage certificate doesn’t match the translation.”

Yeah…..OOPS. I had an official marriage certificate with apostille. But the copy I gave to my translator was a “souvenir copy.” It was what I had in my lockbox, and I never once thought that it was different from an official copy. (Why did the state even give me this useless document?) They look nearly the same, but the official copy has signatures and a lot more boilerplate text.

I had the correct version translated and brought that to the consulate today. And that was it. Yay!

Come to me… precioussss

*take home message: if something sounds out of whack, it probably is….don’t trust them! Just go back another day and speak to a different person.


2 thoughts on “Final Submission (for real)

  1. Hey there! Got here from an internet search and your Reddit thread. Glad you’re on your way to citizenship! After reading this post, I am left wondering what you mean by you will “be officially recognized as a citizen 1 year from now”? Would you mind breaking down the timeline from your original appointment until this final submission and eventual citizenship? I’m about to visit the consulate for the first time to begin the process (after collecting some family information, but not all the same paperwork as you have), and now I’m concerned this may take much longer than anticipated… Thanks in advance!


    1. Welcome! I just meant that it will take about a year to process my application (at least here in Toronto, since they have so many applicants). Depending on where you are it might be faster. That’s a good idea, I’ll write my next post about that! Good luck, and let me know if you have any questions along the way!


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