UPDATED: May 24, 2017

How long does this take, anyway? It feels like it’s been an eon since I started my process. Here’s the breakdown:

date time taken
2011? First attempt to acquire grandparents’ birth certificates from Italy. Sent letter by mail, failed.
2011-2014 Got distracted and forgot about it.
early 2015 Poked around public records and found marriage and death records
Apr 2015 Second attempt to acquire birth certificates. Sent email.
Went to Toronto consulate for first time to ask questions. They confirmed requirements.
May 2015 Received birth certificates from Italy 1 month
Made appointment online to go to Toronto consulate (10 month wait at the time; got way longer, well over 1 year now)
Aug 2015 Requested grandmother’s immigration record from Canadian government
Nov 2015 Received original passports & misc. official docs from uncle in Montreal
Got passports & docs certified at Montreal consulate on the spot
Received grandmother’s immigration; had error, government corrected it quickly 3 months
Jan-Feb 2016 Requested & received apostilles for USA documents 1 month
Requested and received Quebec documents; initial failure & issues with typos 2 months
Mar 2016 Requested and received translations of Quebec docs; went to Montreal for pickup 2 weeks
Got translations certified at  Montreal consulate on the spot
*March 16, 2016* Appointment at Toronto consulate; 90% of paperwork submitted & fee paid
Sent USA documents to Chicago consulate
Aug 2016 Received USA documents back 5 months
Sept 2016 Brought USA documents to Toronto consulate; problem with marriage certificate
Dec 2016 Requested new translation of marriage certificate
Jan 2017 Received new translation 1 month
*Feb 1, 2017* Submitted final paperwork. Application processing 3.5 months
May 11, 2017 Application processed – I am a citizen!!!

Here is a list of the errors I’ve had to fix throughout this process (some were my fault, and others weren’t):If we consider April 2015 the official start, then the process to complete my application took a total of 1 year and 9 months. If I had cut out all useless steps (*ahem* sending documents to Chicago) I would have had this done in 1 year and 4 months. And if I had done more in between setting my consulate appointment and actually going to it, I could have theoretically gotten everything done in 10 months – the time between booking & attending the appointment. But remember that no matter how fast you go, there will always be unanticipated errors that you have to work to fix. Especially in Canada.

  • Wrong dates on immigration record
  • Misspelled names & typos on certificates
  • Wrong format of birth certificate
  • Wrong copy of marriage certificate

…which I guess isn’t that bad, but all of these caused their own delays and headaches. Requesting corrections from the Quebec government was the worst.

But it’s all done now. 🙂



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