Passport Application

Yesterday I went back to the consulate for the final step — getting my passport! I had been putting this off forever, but now that I have a trip to Italy coming up, the pressure is on! (ok, not really)

Here’s what the process was like:

  1. Show up at the consulate, wait 1 hour (usual wait time)
  2. Provide Canadian passport & driver’s licence + 2 passport photos
  3. Sign some Italian forms (staff will verbally translate) — essentially these forms stated that I consent to being fingerprinted, and that I have verified that all the information that will go on the passport is correct
  4. Get fingerprinted
  5. Pay $171 CAD in cash
  6. Go home and wait by the mailbox! (I provided a self-addressed prepaid express envelope)

Total time taken: ~1.5 hours

The passport will last 10 years, and it’s much cheaper to renew (currently ~$68 CAD).

Go snail mail!

UPDATE 8/10: Received my passport in the mail yesterday! It only took 1 week!


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