Welcome to my blog! I am a dual Canadian-Italian citizen and I am excited to share with you the steps I went through recently to acquire Italian citizenship via jure sanguinis – i.e. through bloodline. I am of 100% Italian descent, and I was eligible through both of my maternal grandparents. My nonna & nonno were born near Teramo, Italy, a town near the Adriatic Sea. They left Italy in the 1950’s and went to Canada. I chose to apply through my nonna, who became a Canadian citizen shortly before my birth.

What makes this blog a little different than other, similar blogs is that I was born/currently live in Canada (Ontario), but I had to acquire documents from Canada (Quebec), Italy, and the United States. This made the process a bit more challenging (and at times, confusing), but it was overall pretty manageable. I had to collect the same number of documents as someone whose family moved to one country and stayed there. I just had to request them from different authorities, and sometimes the procedure was slightly different. If you are in the same boat, I hope this blog will inspire you and help guide you through your own process.

You can view the Reference tab for an example list of required documents.


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